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Photo of San taken by a client
"Everyone is beautiful to those who love them."

This is my core philosophy regarding humanity, and it's my nature to look for the good in people and try to find their "beauty within". It's because of this perspective that I can show others what I see in them. My camera is simply the tool that allows me to show you what you look like through my eyes.

Most of my private portraiture clients assure me that they're not photogenic and don't have the beauty of those they've seen on my site. Funny thing is, after the session is done and they've received their package, they usually tell me I can post one or more of their pictures in my online gallery for the whole world to see. In fact, my entire web gallery is made up of these very people.

Hopefully this will tell you something about my clients' hopes and expectations, as well as my success with them.


You are a living work of art and whether or not you can see it (or even believe it), I can, and will show you the undeniable proof through the images we capture together.

As a professional photographer I am completely self-taught and have been doing this style of intimate portraiture and wedding photography since 2000.

In 2001 I started Veniality Photography and and since then I've had my work featured in gallery openings and showings across the country.

After serving the communities of Utah for 6 yrs and Minneapolis for 7, I'm now (at long last) settling into Arizona, excited to work with you and become your very own personal photographer. Send me a note right now and ask any question(s) on your mind.

SAN ~ your photographer
Photo of San taken by a client
Both of the photos of me on this page are by
clients, taken during their own sessions. Yes, I
occasionally allow the lens to point back at
me, just so I remember how "scary" it is. ;)

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